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Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

As citizens we have an important mission: to protect and handover the planet for the next generation.

We all must figure out how to do our part to restore and protect our environment.

There are many current environmental concerns, including pollution and climate change. As awareness and technology catch up, at some point our planet can reach a new point of balance and sustainability.

We hear a lot about global warming in the news, however both energy and material waste affect our planet.

Your “carbon footprint” refers to the amount of carbon your daily living releases into the atmosphere. That carbon can come from many sources. Your car is one such source, however decaying or burning trash can contribute 40% of emissions in the US.

Energy is an important issue for both your vehicle and the production of electricity. Vehicles continue to improve and to shift to zero emissions, which will help the next generation. To do your part, keep your vehicle in step with technology, and limit gasoline use.

Pollution is something you can personally help to limit. Pollution affects our air, water and earth. Don’t litter, don’t burn things and do your best to help protect waterways in your area.

Ways you can reduce your impact:



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