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Your Relationship with Peers

Focus on Being Dependable and Consistent

Colleagues develop trust by being professional and honest

Individuals who are skilled at relationships and good communication, make better employees, leaders, entrepreneurs, co-workers, family members, partners, spouses, and friends.

Working with your peers requires respect and clear communication. If you are not great with your people skills, work on them. Identify what the other person needs. Schedule time with them, to get to know them. It is this thoughtfulness that other people will recognize, and help to build trust and mutual respect.

In his book, Imperfect Phrases For Relationships, author Robert Bacal says that people always look at each other’s communication behavior. Whenever it is cooperative, even the most difficult people will be willing to work with you. Being responsive when communicating is the key to building great relationships.

Tips to foster great relations with your peers

As a strategy to help become a more responsive communicator, use the following tips to help you.

The long- and short-term benefits to the team are surely worth your investment of effort and time. After lots of practice, you will be able to be fit in smoothly to be part of a high-performing team.



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