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Saunas & Hot Baths

The Benefits of Going to a Sauna

 Learn to make self care a priority in your life.

 “The sauna is a poor man’s pharmacy.”

Saunas or heat baths may sound like a modern-day concept to many people, but it has existed for more than 1000years ago from the Mayans and Finlanders. 

A sauna is typically an enclosed room heated to around 70° to 100°C. The amount of moisture is dependent on the origin and types of sauna. Finnish saunas have an average of 10-20% moisture while Turkish sauna uses around 30-40% moisture. It aims to raise the skin temperature to 104°C, which leads to sweating, a biological process that helps remove toxins in the body. It also increases the heart rate to improve cardiovascular health. 

According to a study in 2018, regular dry sauna bathing shows potential health benefits for the participants. However, further studies are recommended to confirm these said benefits. 

The Benefits of Sauna:


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