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Sharing Frustrations

Strategies to Share Frustrations

Test out these strategies the next time you are frustrated

A frustration shared is a frustration halved

Frustrations happen in relationships, workplaces, schools and all areas of human interactions. Having the skills to share our frustrations, whether it is with our spouse, boss, friend or with anyone else, is the key to ensuring that we are understood.

They say that a frustration shared is a frustration halved. Haring our frustrations has plenty of benefits in terms of our emotional and physical wellbeing. When we share our frustrations with others, the burden we have normally seems easier, and it becomes easier to find a solution out of it. Sharing frustrations effectively with another person requires great communication skills. Developing such communication skills takes honesty and practice. It relies mainly on being transparent and open, a willingness to learn and to be wrong and emotional maturity.

Approved strategies

To ensure frustrations don’t take a toll in your life, use the strategies listed below to share what you are going through with someone you believe will understand you.

• Share your perspective genuinely and tell the other person how you feel but be sure not to remain self-centered

• Ask the other person you are sharing your frustrations with to share with you their own perspective and be sure to engage with that perspective sincerely

• Explore together with the other person how you can effectively come to a compromise and get out of or lessen your frustration

• Invite the other person to share their feelings and perspective as this will help you create a good environment for them to share with you what they think is really going on.

Learning and perfecting the art of communicating frustrations takes time and courage. By consciously practicing the above strategies, you will eventually get there.


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