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Share Intentions

It is Also Important to Share Your Thoughts in Intimate Relationships

Sharing intentions helps strengthen romantic relationships

Love is about sharing

Love is about sharing. This also means sharing intentions and goals. Irrespective of what your intentions in a romantic relationship are, sharing them as early as possible is very necessary. That way, both of you will know whether or not have the same intentions. If your partner’s intensions contract yours, then chances are that your relationship will not last long.

Helen Keller says we can do very little alone but together we can achieve so much. Haring intentions is like inviting each other to walk together towards specific relationship goals. Sharing intensions is the foundation and glue that bonds two partners together and keeps an intimate relationship moving forward. Without sharing intentions, the relationship might be rocky or become stagnant because you will not be working towards any clear goals.

Sharing intentions helps strengthen romantic relationships

A relationship should be a source of comfort, and not stress. You should feel comfortable to share your needs with your partner if you are in a healthy relationship. The benefits of sharing intentions may include the following:

• It helps build trust between partners because sharing intentions requires honesty

• By sharing your intentions with your partner, you are setting the stage for sharing fears, needs, and so on

• It helps you and your partner to know what they are signing up for

• You will know whether the two of you are likeminded in intentions

• It helps you work with your partner together on manifesting what you both want

• It’s a sign of seriousness as it  shows that both of you are willing to commit  to the relationship

According to new research, sharing intentions in a relationship may result in healthiest and happiest romantic partnership.



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