The Power of a Smile

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Find Something to Smile and Laugh About

The funny thing about laughter and smiles is that they are behaviors we can hardly contain

Do you tend to take life too seriously? Are you jaded by all of your experiences? Well, it’s never too late to see the world through fresh, new lenses. That’s the wonderful thing about life: You can always find something to smile and laugh about.

Behaviors that engage people
Adults as we are, we have a lot to learn from children. I bet you’ve heard the adorable way in which a baby giggles or how a child laughs with glee. It’s a melody that’s refreshingly sweet, unfiltered, and unpretentious. Out of nowhere, these are the laugh-out-loud moments that we all live for – even if it almost gives us a belly ache.
Well, the funny thing about laughter and smiles is that they are behaviors we can hardly contain. Contagious as they are, it’s hard to stop once you get started! Apparently, smiling and laughter do lead to more of the same. The more generous you are with them, the more radiant and attractive you become to others.

As a Bonus – Both provide you with exercise
While smiling stretches your facial muscles, laughing expands your lungs and invigorates your body with a fresh supply of oxygen. They relieve tension, thus decreasing pain and stress. Both habits also strengthen your immune system and help improve your health. Along with the release of your feel-good endorphins, you feel relaxed and happy.

So, why not listen to stories that uplift you and music that makes you want to dance? Check out comedy shows and funny movies that cheer you up. After all, smiling and laughing do not only elevate your mood. They also reveal much about your capacity for joy.

Are you ready to level-up your life on the happiness and wellbeing scale?