Spending Time with Friends

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One of life’s greatest rewards is friendship

You’ll find it emotionally rewarding and recharging to set aside time and be with your friends

Do you usually wait for an occasion to catch up with friends? Does it take an event like a reunion or a homecoming for you to have the pleasure of seeing each other again? You’ve seen it in the movies but this also plays out in real life. Adulting seems to be a time when we hang out less with friends and spend more time on our dreams and ambitions.

Why we cease to be present
As we grow older, the activities we once had with friends are replaced by those spent with family. Instead of going on road trips with our best buddies, we get tied up in school meetings and work conferences. From fishing and camping weekends, we move on to daily errands and grocery runs.
None of these should stop you, however, from having a social life of your own. But then again, would it be enough to confine yourself to chats and messages on social media? Well, if you’re open to an idea or two, then why not find time to join forces by planning a playdate together or walking your pets out in the park.

What you hope to achieve
You’ll find it emotionally rewarding to set aside time and be present with friends. Think of it as an opportunity, not to compare lives and feel sorry about your own, but to reassess your goals and see what interests you share in common. It is this common ground which covers the miles and keeps the friendship going.
So, set the date soon and go out with your friends! Whether it’s for coffee or tea or off to a party, what matters is that you enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of being yourself with them.