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Bridging the gap between two people

 In the age of minding one’s own business, sex is crucial to being normal.

 When people have a sexual connection, they connect in all aspects.

When two people have sex, it is not just their reproductive organs that get united, but everything along with it. For someone to enjoy sexual intercourse, it is not only the physical act that matters, everything that has led up to that moment plays a factor. From the moment both decided to have sex to the point where it ended, the whole event is just two people becoming one. And when sex meets emotional bond, sexual intimacy is born.

Sexual intimacy is not as easy as it sounds, believe it or not, most people can spend a whole relationship without ever developing one. In here, we will be discussing ways to get a deeper bond with your partner during sex.

1. Set the stage

Setting the stage applies not just in sexual relations but in any scenario where the purpose is to have a pleasant atmosphere. It also means making the person feel that they are in a safe space – comfortable and reassuring. This can be done through massages, sensual music, candles, and even as spending time together unbothered.

2. Foreplay

Sex does not happen immediately wherein a person just inserts their reproductive organ out of nowhere. It usually beings with teasing your partner through naughty messages. It can also be through showing your partner nothing but sweetness and love, slowly building up to that moment until both of you loses control! 

3. Body language

In this case, body language deals with the micromovements of the body parts. It includes maintaining eye contact, looking at each other to show sincerity and care, hugging and kissing as the closer your body gets. The more both of you can feel the security with each other, and doing things you know they can’t get enough of like their fetishes.

4. Taking care of each other’s emotional needs

The key to a healthy relationship is the lack of toxicity. When both feel no burden or pressure of having to appease each other, they’re on the right track to sexual intimacy. Build trust and create emotional intimacy. Give each other constant words of affirmation and compliments because the more intimate things go outside the bedroom, the better the sex will be.