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Reasons Transparency in Communication is Important

Transparency in communication breeds collaboration and teamwork

The benefits of transparency are many

Transparency communication is a point of view, a mindset, a skill. Transparency in communication is very essential to leading and managing others successfully. Honest, clear communication is what builds trust. If there is no trust, relationships can’t grow.

Studies have shown that many great leaders are very good listeners and open communicators. Their messages are consistent, clear and straightforward. When we are transparent in our communication, we tend to be more open, honest, and authentically more credible. People who communicate this way are usually considered more trustworthy and are more often heard. According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association in 2014, about 25% of employees don’t actually trust their employer. This has majorly been contributed to a lack of transparency in their employer’s communication.

Benefits of transparency

There are good reasons to encourage transparency in communication. Here are the benefits of transparency:

• Transparency in communication increases trust

• Transparency builds relationships and any kind of relationship usually begins with transparency

• Transparent communication increases productivity at workplace as employees will give their bosses all the true facts and information needed to achieve successful results

• Transparency in communication breeds collaboration and teamwork as everyone trusts each other and all have a feeling that they are on the same page

• Promotes healthy, constructive, happy work environment by improving employee relationships, engagement, alignment and problem-solving

Transparent communication, even though it always seems like a very easy thing to do, can actually be very difficult. The fact is that we often shy away from saying the truth especially when it will make us look bad or when it doesn’t favor us. But it is the only way we can build lasting relationships.