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The Importance of Using Protection

 Remember to be responsible to yourself and your partner

 “Use a condom. The world doesn’t need another you.”

Most people, especially in poorer countries, are not aware of protection and the benefits of using them. This issue is due to the lack of social awareness of the harms of not using condoms. 

Condom is a protective barrier that works as a preventive measure against birth control and at the same time, reduce risk for infections and viruses as well. 

According to multiple studies, condoms are highly effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Moreover, it helps avoid unwanted pregnancies. Furthermore, it can also prevent health issues like gonorrhea and chlamydia and can lessen the risk of cervical cancer in women. Thus, usage of condoms is vital for the protection of sexually active people.

Benefits of using condoms:

  • It’s effective. Plain and simple. Condoms are known to be effective against preventing sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It’s cheap and convenient. Purchasing condoms over the counter in drug stores or convenience stores is a pretty straightforward and hassle-free task.
  • It still allows room for pleasure. A variety of texture and styles are available to increase sensation for both partners. Moreover, they also help delay ejaculation as well.
  • It’s one of the safest birth control device. Unlike other birth controls that need to be taken orally or injected into the body, condoms are just used externally and are minimally invasive to the body and its health.
  • It has no side effects, aside from allergies against latex for some people. Condoms are pretty comfortable and safe.