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Sexual Health – Adding new techniques to your Love Life

 Find yourself yawning? Try something new!

 Continually doing the same thing can be boring for everyone

Ever get tired of using only one position in sex? Sure enough, the first time a person experiences sexual intercourse can be a right combination of thrill and excitement, but after that one time, it gets dry along the road. One of the purposes of having sex is for pleasure, and you know it’s not working when one of you feels bored. Most cases of infidelity is because of the relationship becoming unsatisfactory, resulting in one person will look for more adventures with another person. In order to prevent this unfortunate scenario, most couples tend to do new things, even in bed.

When looking to spice up your sex life, people tend to disregard their usual sex positions to perform more complex ones. However, that is not always the case; if something works, then keep at it and slowly adding tiny tweaks to keep the pleasure meter up.

According to Patricia Taylor with a Ph.D. in sex education, “The secret to having more intense, enjoyable sex is knowing how to angle yourself so that you’re hitting your most sensitive areas while allowing yourself to let go and relax.”

The essential factor is to feel turned on and looking forward to having sex continually.

Most articles agree that changing positions in sex is right, that it gives diversity and thrill to your sexual life. However, the “why” is often not talked about, and in this article, we will make it clear and straightforward.

Benefits of having different sex positions:

  • Different visual perception
  • Different feelings and emotions
  • Compensation to sexual incompatibility
  • Stimulation of different sensitive zones
  • Both parties achieving completion