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Learning How to Use the Better Now Self Improvement Mobile App

You may watch videos or just read about the item of interest.

Getting started
Get started with the Better Now application by watching the introductory video, and then choosing a template. Your first self-assessment will take 10-20 minutes. Evaluate your present state on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being ideal.

Selecting a Template
Right up front, you are able to select the module that best matches your particular situation. Choose one of the six modules available, and then customize it to your liking.

Doing an assessment
Perform your first assessment by evaluating how you are doing for each of the factors listed. Use a 1-10 scale with 10 being best. Take your time, and make corrections if needed. You can add notes to each of the items.

Reviewing results on the Dashboard
After completing your assessment, the app will display your overall score and will show past progress, and room for improvement.

Daily & Weekly reminders
Each day you will receive reminders to help you focus on areas for improvement. As you update your assessment new factors will come to light. Each week you will receive a reminder to revisit all of your factors.

Updating Your Assessment
Periodically update your assessments by re-evaluating each area, noting where improvements have been made.

Sharing with Friends
It is recommended that you share your assessment with family and friends who may serve as your support group and to provide accountability for action.

Referring Friends
Once you see results from “Better Now” you may want to let your friends know about your experience. Refer friends by forwarding a link to them.

Customizing or Editing a Template
Select Customize a template and then either edit or merge templates. If you have one template you wish to customize select edit template to change factor names or add your own items. If you purchase an additional template and wish to add it to the one you are presently using, choose merge and follow instructions.