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Replace or Reduce Empty Calories

One should learn to let go of dead weight in one’s life

“If it doesn’t add to your life, it doesn’t belong in your life.”

Empty Calories are foods that are high in calories but contain little to no nutritional food content. These include most of the junk foods like grain desserts, pizza, and soda. Unfortunately, due to aggressive marketing, society is very accepting of these kinds of foods despite the common knowledge that they are bad for the health.

How does empty calories work?

Empty calories are mostly made up of simple sugars which can easily be absorbed by the body. Calories or energy are then used up by the body for daily activities. However, in the case where the calorie intake is higher than what the body needs, the excess calories will get stored inside the body in the form of fats. The long term build-up of fats will more or less lead to several health disorders such as diabetes, obesity, and heart problems.

How to avoid empty calories

1. Start by identifying which of the foods you usually eat have empty calories by reading the labels. Most of them are generally high in sodium, sugar, and fats.

2. Ease of the foods with empty calories. It’s impossible to stop eating them suddenly, but you can lessen the amount at the beginning

3. Look for substitutes like yogurt, fruits, and vegetables which can satiate your hunger with a higher nutritional value.