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Finding the Perfect Workout Buddy

You have to go down a lot of roads to find the right one.

“Either find a way or make one.”

Getting fit can become a daunting task on its own, but when combined with the proper mindset, routine, and motivation, nothing is impossible. Motivation is the willingness to do something. This factor is one of the most common bump in every fitness starter’s goal.

According to a study in NCBI, 95% of the individuals who participated in a weight-loss program with friends and social support succeeded. A lot of gyms offer group activities for participants as part of their marketing strategy. This strategy stems from the fact that people prefer working out with others who can relate to them. Moreover, studies also show that having a personal trainer or guide can increase motivation and allow better results to pan out for the participants.

What makes a good buddy?

  1. He/She have the same commitment for a better self. Someone who will help motivate each other when you are feeling demotivated.
  2. He/She shares the same goals. Look for someone who shares the same or similar goals with you. It is better if both of you have similar interests and body conditions to be able to do the same exercise.
  3. He/She can create companionship with you. Someone who can support you can accompany you during the hardest milestone blocks.
  4. He/She can comfort you. Looking for someone with a similar fitness level as you can be motivating for both parties. It can create healthy competition and drive both individuals involved.