Health Science Index
One Item recently released its revolutionary mobile app for healthcare called the Health Science Index. It is available for download in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store
Better Now App
One Item's consumer mobile app is called Better Now, featuring 10 specialized templates to address various self-help interests. It is available for download in the app stores.
CHI Software
For businesses who want the same clarity as the mobile app offers, the CHI Desktop software solution offers insight into your organizations productivity.
Just recently we have begun production on a new series of podcasts called "Honor Tomorrow". Stay tuned for details.
The Personal Growth Industry
These are some of the market niches served
Life Coaches
Areas Which Affect the Quality of Life
Focus Factor Sets

Mental Health

It is desirable to have a longer life and a higher quality of life in our later years.

Emotional Health

It is desirable to have a longer life and a higher quality of life in our later years.


A sense of personal well-being and happiness are very important to the quality of life for most people.


Finding success in life may mean different things to different people.


Fitness & Wellness are very popular pursuits in the USA, and help in other areas of life.


Having trust for one another and building solid relationships are the key to successful living.

Recent Blog Posts
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One Item launches the Sports Science Index™ for baseball

May 9, 2022 Kirkland, WA: One Item Inc., which has seen success in the healthcare industry in quantifiably raising education and awareness, is announcing their expansion in the field of fitness. The company’s wellness platform, including its Health Science Index (HSI) app technology, will feature methodologies and solutions from Ironglenn (strength and conditioning advisor/trainer Glenn…

The Coaching Gap in Apps has been filled

The coaching gap in apps has been filled Today, when people really want to attain a specific goal, be it health, work, fitness, even dating-related, they will hire a coach.  The reasons people hire coaches are clear – coaches are trained, some even with some sort of certification, to take in your information about where you…

Focus Your Priorities

People strive to work hard and acquire the things they value. But does one always know the true value of things? When you look at the behavior of many Americans, you may find that many people are “reactors”. Far too many people end up living their lives in response to other people’s expectations, rather than…